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How to Organize and Implement An  Effective Crime Prevention, Prison  Ministry, and Criminal Justice Program in Faith-based  Organizations

A Useful Ministry Training Resource to help equip your congregants, Chaplains and outreach workers on how to effectively minister in jails and prison

I have another exciting new ministry resource for you faithful workers in the field of prison ministry and criminal justice! For the now more than 50 years in the Gospel Ministry and 40 years as a Pastor and Teacher, 25 of those combined years included my ministry in our nation’s jails and prisons as a Chaplain and with 17 of those 25 years as the Founder, and Executive Secretary of the Prison Ministry and Criminal Justice Commission of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. 

It also was a great honor to have been called to pastor the historic Mount Zion First Baptist Church in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana following in the shadows and tradition of giant former pastors  as the late Dr. T.J. Jemison and Dr. Gardner C. Taylor.

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