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Ready4Life employer organizational partners

Ready4Life Project Vocational Training and NCCER Credential Goal is to match employer requirements and workplace culture and place certified, enthusiastic program participants, who successfully complete vocational, training, and other Ready4Life Program requirements, in skilled entry-level construction jobs with a starting wage of over $18.20 per hour.

hiring incentives

On-the-job training (ojt)

Contractors are eligible to receive up to 75% wage reimbursement for hiring qualified new employees for up to 6 months.

work opportunity tax credits (wotc)

Contractors are eligible for a one time $2,400 tax credit per new qualified hire.

(Sec. 51 Internal Revenue Code and U.S Dept. of Labor Sponsors)

fidelity bonding

A no-cost insurance coverage from $5,000 and up to $25,000 that enables employers to hire job applicants considered to be "at risk" due to their past life experiences.

why you should PARTNER WITH US AND Reply!

The Mission of Reclamation and Restoration Ministries, Incorporated is to promote social and community wholeness by actively developing and implementing relevant and life-changing ministries and programs that will prevent and/or deliver youth and adults from violence, crime, truancy, drug abuse, homelessness, and prison and to equip and/or restore them to lead responsible, meaningful and productive lives. This is your opportunity to become a part of our life-changing mission towards helping residents to rebuild and create new eco-systems in Underserved Communities in Baton Rouge. Your Partnership to hire trained and committed high-risk program participants  will help realize this vision to help prevent crime and violence and reduce recidivism.

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