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Project Abstract

RRM will help create a Community Data-Driven Strategic Plan in the Ready4Life Project focus areas within police district #4 to help prevent and reduce crime and violence among youth and young adults by providing alternatives and  a hopeful pathway through life skills training,  individual and group counseling, financial literacy education, individual and group mentoring, Hi-SET and vocational training credentials, employment opportunities, transportation, nutritious meals, cultural enrichment events, therapeutic recreational activities, and more! Specifically, RRM will work to prevent and reduce crime and gun violence among 150 African American males in at-risk situations ages 18-24 including children of incarcerated parents, out-of-school youth, and supervised justice-involved and trauma-involved individuals who reside in historically underserved communities. Program participants are referred by the Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice,  and  the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections Division of Adult Probation and Parole Reentry. However, eligible young men who reside in the Avenues, Banks, Brookstown, the field, McDonald Land, and Scotlandville neighborhoods and are interested in a violence free and productive life may enroll online NOW by clicking the Ready4Life tab to receive FREE Ready4Life Empowerment Services!

One-On-One Tutoring

The Reclamation and Restoration Ministries, Inc. (RRM) as a “Direct” applicant will implement its Ready4Life Community Violence Intervention and Prevention Project in Baton Rouge, LA Police District #4 including Scotlandville, Southern Heights, and Brookstown. One of the unique characteristics of the Brookstown neighborhood revealed by analysis is that the per capita income of residents is lower than that found in 97.7% of the neighborhoods in America. Also of note, 81.3% of the children in this area live in poverty, and crime rates are higher than the national average. The Project goal is to prevent and reduce violent crime in Baton Rouge by supporting comprehensive evidenced-based crime and violence prevention programs. Project objectives are to (1) build the RRM Working Group called P.E.A.C.E (Planning, Evaluation, and Advisory Coalition Entity); (2) to develop a workable strategic plan through a collaborative, data-collection, multimethod, and analysis approach to understand the nature, patterns, and root causes of community violence in the target area; and (3) to equip Underserved Project Participants of color with education and vocational training credentials, life skills, and place in employment.


Project organizational partners include the US Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Louisiana, Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice, East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, Baton Rouge Police Department, Baton Rouge Community College, Louisiana Health and Rehab, Pelican Associated Builders and Contractors, Comfort Event Hall, Red River Bank, and Ochsner Health. Project activities include monthly Ready4Life Community Strategy Forums; HiSET/Instruction; Summer Employment; Vocational Skills Training; HealthCare Industry Informational Training and Job Shadowing; Financial Literacy Instruction; Mentor Training Workshops; One-on-One and Group Mentoring; and an Annual Volunteer Recognition and Awards GALA. Project support services will include Case Management and Follow-up Services; Transportation; Nutritious Meals; Recreation; and Cultural Enrichment Outings. Project outcomes will be measured when a CVIPI Strategic Plan has been developed; 75% of the CVIPI Team will be retained; 75% of project participants in the HiSET classes will have passed and shown 75% Literacy and Numeracy gains and received a credential; 75% will complete the Vocational Training and receive a Credential; 75% will be placed in employment, 75% will be retained in the workforce for at least six months, 75% will complete the Financial Literacy Instruction and receive a Certificate; 95% will not participate in acts of violence; 95% of supervised justice-involved participants will not recidivate, and incidents of crime and gun violence will be reduced by 50% in Project Target Area.


Project support


The Reclamation and Restoration Ministries staff will provide free transportation for its program participants to and from our on-site campus.

One-on-one mentoring

Professional leadership development in various areas will equip its participants to learn and develop the necessary skills and training needed for life.

nutritious hot meals

The Reclamation and Restoration Ministries hospitality staff will provide hot meals for all participants and mentors.

group sessions

To include Literacy, Education, Skills-based and Relationship Building, and Conflict Resolution and Management

High School Student

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